Initially I was going to name this page “performance” and then “movement”. Neither of these sat well. I decided on the word “body” as it the vehicle used for both performance and movement. Both of my experiences of these have been informed by embodiment practices – sometimes the performances are in front of a crowd, others they are all alone. What makes them different from every day-to-day goings on are their intention and what they represent. They are rites of passage or a representation of a meaningful experience.

Silhouettes, Inside Outside

An interactive live art and music performance experience (2014). Devised by Artistic Director Erica Rasmussen, this performance which ran over four nights atfortyfivedownstairs included contemporary classical musicians, violinist Andrea Keeble (AD Hoc Music Collective), flautist Elisse Kleiner and sound artist Nat Grant along with visual artists Sam Haycroft (Afterwhite), Marita Jacobsson and myself. Annabel Warmington did the lighting and set design.

As the musicians wove glorious and melodic soundscapes, their silhouettes were projected onto three large canvases. Myself and the other two artists were on the inside of the canvases in close proximity to the audience. Using grey, white and black paint we captured the silhouettes, essence of the music and sounds emerging from behind the canvases.

In the second phases of the performance the audience were invited to add colour to our painting. Photographs by Shadowzone Photograhy.


Arts Based Research – MA by Supervision

Film still (2013) from a intersubjective response I made for a participant in my research project. Here I am making a ceramic representation in response to data that had been generated by the participant in relation to their experience of being creatively stuck. In this enactment I came to know more about my own arts practice and how the research was impacting on my own identity as a creative arts practitioner and creatively stuck arts graduate.


Experiential Learning – MA by Supervision

Welcoming the parts of self into my life (2013). As part of my training at the MIECAT Institute I created aspects of myself in the forms of dolls. Once these were brought forth into the world I create ceremonies in which I acknowledged their presence in my life. These ceremonies were either filmed or photographed.


Presentation – My Becoming

Revealing my print and my representations of different aspects of my self at the MIECAT Institute (2013). The act of covering and then revealing parts of my presentation was ritualistic and a transformative experience.


Body Print

I coat my naked flesh in rich red paint. I lay down on paper. Leaving my print I slowly peel myself off. My impression remains. I cover my face to hide behind my hands. I reveal. I conceal.  (2013)


Body as Vessel

My pregnant belly becomes a canvas as I invite my close friends to witness and bless the baby growing inside my belly (2014). We weave threads of memory, wishes and stories into a basket to honour the occasion.