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Live Painting, Silhouettes Inside Outside, 2014 (Shadowzone Photography)


My name is Natalya Garden-Thompson and I am a Registered Arts Therapist, Visual Artist, Community Arts Facilitator and Mother based in Castlemaine, Regional Victoria, Australia.

I have been making art since I could hold a paintbrush (before I was one). In 2004 I completed my BA in Visual Arts and Southern Cross University and then in 2014 my MA by Supervision in Experiential and Creative Arts Practice (arts-therapy/research focus) at the MIECAT Institute.

My multi-modal arts practice includes printmaking, papermaking, drawing, soft sculpture, writing, movement and performance.

My belief is that Arts Therapists should use the tools of their trades for their own self-care and professional development. Thus this website displays my artworks and chronicles my creative arts journey alongside snippets of the intersubjective responses I make to the world and those whom I am in relationship with.

Find out more about my Creative Arts Therapy practice over at www.creativevitality.com.au


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