Creative Natalya



2016, My Creative Self Re-emerges, Collage on canvas: dry point etching on paper, acrylic on paper, tissue paper, watercolour, pen (detail)

Welcome back followers! It has been awhile. I have grown and birthed a baby who is now well into her first year of life. I have shed my skin and now piece fragments together of what it once was albeit in a completely  different way of living to that previously known.

I have decided to split the on-line documentation/sharing of my personal creative endeavours from my creative arts/community arts practice. The first reason is so I can create a space for my own creativity. Secondly it is easier for me to document these different parts of my practice separately.

This site has been re-named. It has changed from “Natalya Garden Creative Arts” to “Creative Natalya”. For a few years I have been exploring the notion of the Creative Self through arts based inquiry and in my arts practice. My focus is on fostering this identity through continued writing, inquiry and multi-modal art forms.

Most of the old content that was on the “Natalya Garden Creative Arts” site has gone but there a few key posts that relate to my personal arts practice that I have chosen to keep. Please scroll through to see where I have travelled these last few years.

I welcome you on the next stage of my adventure as I juggle motherhood, an arts practice and my creative arts therapy work. Thank you to those who have supported and encouraged me over the years. I look forward to sharing the next instalments.

Yours artfully,

Creative Natalya


2 thoughts on “Creative Natalya

  1. Hi Natalya, great to see you back blogging. I too have just re-commenced my blogging. I’m off to AATA conference in Baltimore in a couple of days time where I’m presenting a Master class on arts-based inquiry. Look forward to following your posts. Kay Gravell

    • Hi Kay, Thank you for your comment. Great to hear you are back blogging again and thrilled to hear you are presenting at the Baltimore conference. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Warm wishes Natalya.

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