“Becoming” – a creative synthesis

Well, it’s been a while since I have written an update here. I have been busy with lots of projects.

I have been focusing on making a body of artworks for my end of year assessment at MIECAT.  The artworks along with a written piece are a creative synthesis of “what I have come to know” during my first year of the Masters Program. This MIECAT form of exegesis explores data collected from my own experiences of becoming a Creative Arts Practitioner/Therapist. This work is auto- ethnographical, meaning that as the researcher, I have explored my own life experience as a valid form of meaning making and generating new knowing.

I will be presenting my artwork at MIECAT tomorrow in front of my peers and close friends/associates. My work explores concepts of self and “becoming” through studio arts based inquiry – integrating printmaking, film, soft sculpture and performance art. I will write an update after I have presented the work (don’t want to ruin the surprise for those coming along tomorrow). But until then here’s a sneak peek…

Body Print, Acrylic Paint on Paper, 2012 

Drypoint etching plate, inked

“Concealing” Acrylic paint on me!

detail of soft sculpture, acrylic on calico with thread

This project has offered me a chance to sink my teeth into exploring my own experiences of becoming an artist/companion/therapist/arts practitioner through arts based inquiry. This has been a great warm up to the Masters Research Project I have just commenced, in which I co-inquire into Visual art graduates experiences of “creative stuckness”.

Until next time, I invite you find something to create each day – whether it’s a thought, a work of art, or a gesture…offered to yourself and to the world.

8 thoughts on ““Becoming” – a creative synthesis

  1. Thanks Kirsten! Likewise. Your art and blogging continue to amaze and inspire me. Looking forward to posting pics of the finished work on Monday after it has been presented xo

  2. Go you good thing!!
    Can’t wait till I get the opportunity to refer clients to a top class, talented Art Therapist in Melbourne, do you know one? lol. All the best my good friend.

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