My Artist Trading Cards

With all this facilitating & organising of other’s Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s) I felt that it was time to contribute some of my own.

I made these yesterday and have sent them to the other collaborators (Amanda Woodford & Nikita Burt) as a way to honour the ATC project. It is also a way of responding or giving back in an artistic medium. This is my reflection of the “Things I love”. The more I make ATC’s the more abstract & expressive I become- using whatever is at hand in the moment & not over-thinking what the images are about. I try to capture the feeling I am having while making them. In this way I hope to capture something of my “authentic” self & offer this to the person who receives the card. For me these cards represent my feelings rather than simply my thoughts. This is my process of letting go and being truly honest in my creative expression – this is what I attempt to encourage & hold when facilitating my art classes regardless of the age of the participants. I am learning more and more about myself as an artist through the sharing of art with others! I love art! Now enough blogging and more making!

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